Model H25 High Flow Pressure Regulators
Part Number H2515B
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  • Conforms to EN ISO 2503
  • Capsule valve, Stainless Steel filter
  • Stainless Steel diaphragm (not Acetylene)
  • Maximum inlet 300 bar
  • Outlet pressure 1.5, 15 and 40 bar
  • Heavy duty body machined from bar stock
  • Large G. 1/2â or G. 3/8â outlet connection
  • Side and vertical inlet connection
  • External safety relief valve (not Acetylene)
  • Flow over 700 m3/h (maximum)

Choice of the Following:
-H251.5AC-SE: 150 kPa Side Inlet
-H251.5BAC: 150 kPa Vert. Inlet
-H2515B: 1500 kPa Side Inlet
-H2540B: 4000 kPa Side Inlet

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