As from 1st February 2020 the ownership of Burnback Welding Equip Services changed hands with longstanding former owners Mike and Nicole Main retiring from the business after 12 years. The new business owners are Paul Reed and Mark Kinsella who are committed to continuing the business and offering the same outstanding sales and service experience which has been a feature of Mike and Nicole’s time at Burnback. It’s business as usual with no changes and our experienced staff will continue to be available to assist with all your welding equipment, parts, service and hire requirements.

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regards, Paul and Mark



Welders for the Mandurah Area

No Gaps!

Burnback Welding: We sell Welding Gear!

Top quality, professional welding equipment and accessories…Just about everything you’ll ever need to carry out a welding job. 

Top Brands, Top Quality, Best Value. 

We stand behind everything we sell!  We’ve been around for a long time, so we know what we’re doing and we won’t flog you any rubbish!  Most of the tradies around know us well…and they know that we’ll look after them! 
If it’s from Burnback, it’s good gear, and it’s what you want.
We’re happy to give you good advice on the latest and greatest, or what’s best for your job.  We won’t try to sell you any stuff you don’t need , and we won’t sell you any gear that will come back to bit bite you…or us for that matter.  All of our equipment is fully guaranteed – by the manufacturers and by ourselves.  

The Extra Mile!

We’ve got thousands of happy customers – people who swear by us – and wouldn’t go anywhere else, because they know we’ll look after them.  We supply – or can deliver – to clients just about anywhere – from capital cities to mining camps in remote areas.  Or tell us who to call, and we’ll get your shipment ready to go. 

In roughly 3 decades, Burnback has been selling to:

  • Tradesmen
  • Corporates – for manual and auto / robotic welding 
  • Mining / Oil & Gas Companies – all around Australia and overseas
  • Government – Federal, State & Local
  • Home Handymen
  • “Fab shops”
  • Panel Beaters
  • Mobile & Underwater Welders

Safety First

Safety is another part of the reason why you want to come to us! 
If you’re welding – whether on site or in your own backyard – your life may depend on doing it properly.  Shortcuts and cheap gear are often the main causes of accidents and injuries. 

That’s why at Burnback we go with the best. No Risk!

Demos, Tips and Plain Good Advice

Talk to us before you buy.  Let’s discuss your projects’ needs.  We’ll set you up with good gear, at good prices, and we’ll look after you.  We’re always up-to-date with the latest in the industry, and we’re happy to pass on advice. That’s why we’ve been around for about 30 years, and that’s why welders trust us. 


At Burnback Welding…
We sell Welding Gear
The Best!