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Model 625 Hand Cutting Torches

Part Number 062Z084
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  • Weight 1.5kg 
  • Finger control stainless steel cutting lever
  • Solid brass head/body/handle
  • Well balanced for easy piercing/heavy cutting
  • Universal pressure mixing, fuel gas 1.5kPa
  • Accepts flat seating tips - reduces head popping.
  • Complete with flashguards
  • Ease on cutting Oxygen makes piercing/starting easier

Choice of the Following:
-062Z019: 1 pce Hand Cutt Torch Acet Cuts up to 300mm Ideal - Engineering shops Includes Flashguards
-062Z084: 1 pce Hand Cutt Torch Propane, LPG, Natural Gas Cuts up to 300mm Ideal - Engineering shops, Scrap cutting
-062Z088: 1 pce Hand Cutt Torch Propane Cuts up to 300mm - 90o Head 1000mm length Ideal - Cutting in hard to reach places, Wt. 1.9kg
-062Z066: 1 pce Hand Cutt Torch Propane Cuts up to 300mm - 180o Head 1000mm length Ideal - Where there is a need for the tip to be straight out of the torch. Includes Flashguards Wt. 1.9kg

-062Z106: 90o Head x 1250mm
-062Z107: 90o Head x 1500mm
-062Z109: 90o Head x 2000mm