Fronius MagicWave 2200 AC/DC



Mains Voltage 230 V
Current Range 3 - 220 Amps
Duty Cycle at 10 min/40° C (104° F) 35 % d.c. at 220 A
Weight 17.8kg
Dimensions 485 x 180 x 390 mm













  • Automatic gas post-flow time (welding current-dependent) - The ideal post-flow time is calculated automatically so that electrode and weld pool do not oxidise
  • Automatic tungsten balling - Brings enormous time savings - simply clamp the sharpened electrode, pre-select cap diameter, the arc automatically forms the correct cap size
  • Generator-compatible - for mobile use, including construction sites
  • Non-contact ignition (HF) - For perfect arc ignition with high-voltage pulse, even for very long hosepacks
  • Reversed polarity ignition - Improves the ignition of the TIG direct current arc
  • Touchdown ignition - For ignition with no high-voltage pulses in sensitive applications


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