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6899 XHD

Part Number 6899XHD
Product Documents

Principal Applications: Ingot tongs, forginf dies, press dies and punches, cuttings and trimming dies.

Outstanding Features: Excellent Resistance to impact plus heat; Will not chip or spall, resists cracking; High resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Recommendations: XHD 6899 is a key repair alloy in any industry where metal is worked, and especially where the working equipment is subjected to heat as well as impact and corrosion. Since such metal-working operations occur in a broad cross-section of industry, applications for XHD 68-69 can be pinpointed by operation more readily than by industry. Cold-heading, Shearing, Drawing, Spinning, Extruding, Stamping, Forging, Swaging, Hammering, Trimming, Punching, Twisting, Rolling.

Mechanical Properties: Hardness- Rc 22-28, After Work Hardening- Rc 36-42, Tensile Strength- 740 MPa  106000 PSI