3M Half Face Welders Respirator Starter Kit 6000 Series
Part Number M6228

1 x 3M Half Face Respirator 6000 Series - Medium
1 x pair 3M Particle & Metal Fume Filters 2128, GP2
4 x 3M Respirator Cleaning Wipes 504
1 x 3M Skull Screwsâ„¢ Earplugs P1300, Class 5 (SLC80: 26dB)
1 x 3M Respiratory Protection Guide
1 x Handy Storage Container

Provides respiratory protection in a convenient and easy way. Includes a 3M Half Face 6000 Series Respirator that is simple and lightweight.To avoid moisture and contaminant exposure, store the respirator in the handy, sealable storage container.


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