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Supercast Ni/Fe
Part Number SNiFe32
Brochure For more information

Basic, Graphite Coated Electrode

Supercast Ni/Fe is a basic, graphite coated AC/DC electrode for the higher strength welding of cast irons. It is characterised by a soft, smooth arc with low penetration and spatter levels on both AC and DC power sources. Ease of striking is a feature of Supercast Ni/Fe.

This electrode is made from a Nickel-Iron core wire and produces a ductile, machineable weld deposit with the extra strength required for welding SG (Spheroidal Graphite) irons.

Supercast Ni/Fe may also be used for the repair and reclamation of all standard grades of grey cast iron, malleable iron, austenitic cast iron and some grades of mechanite cast iron. It is ideally suited to the dissimilar welding of these irons to steels.


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