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Metalcor 5 Metalcor 5

Part Number 720552

Metalcor XP Metalcor XP

Part Number 720960

Nicore 55 Nicore 55

Part Number 724046

Satincor XP Satincor XP

Part Number 720904

Shieldcor 11 Shieldcor 11

Part Number 720923

Shieldcor 15 Shieldcor 15

Part Number 721956

Shieldcor 4XP Shieldcor 4XP

Part Number 720907

Shieldcor 8Ni Shieldcor 8Ni

Part Number 721306

Shieldcor 8XP Shieldcor 8XP

Part Number 721304

Suprecor 5 Suprecor 5

Part Number 720982

Suprecor XP H4 Suprecor XP H4

Part Number 720911

Verticor 111K3 Verticor 111K3

Part Number 721381

Verticor 308LT Verticor 308LT

Part Number 722889

Verticor 309LT Verticor 309LT

Part Number 722881

Verticor 316LT Verticor 316LT

Part Number 722885

Verticor 3XP Verticor 3XP

Part Number 720919

Verticor 3XP H4 Verticor 3XP H4

Part Number 722919

Verticor 5XP H4 Verticor 5XP H4

Copper coated rutile type flux cored wire

Verticor 81 A1 H4 Verticor 81 A1 H4

Copper coated Rutile type flux cored wire

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