Fronius Transtig 230i
Part Number: 4.075.217


The TransTig is a completely digitised TIG DC power source. Alongside the different power categories from 80 to 500 A, the devices also vary in their mobility – from the mobile, portable device to the stationary, high-power complete system. However, they all have one thing in common – an extremely robust design for a long service life and an exceptionally self-explanatory operating concept.

The TransTig 230i is connectible with other devices via Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and NFC such as welding helmets, remote controls and also mobile phones.

Technical Data:

Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40°C] 230A / 45%
Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40°C] 205A / 60%
Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40°C] 170A / 100%
Operating voltage 10,1-19,2V
Open-circuit voltage 97,0 V
Mains frequency 50-60Hz
Mains voltage 230V
Mains fuse 16A
Dimension / b 210,0 mm
Dimension / l 558,0 mm
Weight 16,4 kg
Degree of protection IP23


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