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6666 Eutectrode

Part Number 6666 Eutectrode
Product Documents

Principle Application: Machine frames, supports, pressure piping and tubing, flanges, angles, beams, channels, joints subject to stresses

Outstanding Features: "Welder Friendly"- Ease of deposition; All position; Superior Elongation Characteristics; Superior Impact Strength.

Recommendations: An advanced Bipherically extruded flux coated, low hydrogen electrode for use with low to medium Carbon Steels (max 0.4 carbon eqiuvalent), construction steels, Galvanized steel, Rusty or Oily Steels, low alloy steels containing Mn, Cr, Mo, V; Free machining steels and Quench and Tempered steels.

Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength- 550 MPa, Yield Strength- 430 MPa, Elongation- 25-30%, Impact Strength- approx. 60 J - 30oC, Service Temp- -60oC to 350oC