Hard Surfacing

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Abrasocord 350 Abrasocord 350

Part Number HF3502

Abrasocord 43 Abrasocord 43

Part Number AC4332

Abrasocord 700 Abrasocord 700

Part Number HF70032

Austmig TD600 Austmig TD600

Part Number MTD60012S

 Tube-Alloy 240-0 Tube-Alloy 240-0

Part Number S604012-029

Tube-Alloy 258-0 Tube-Alloy 258-0

Part Number S605812-029

Tube-Alloy A43-0 Tube-Alloy A43-0

Part Number S607719-029

Tubecord D-2355 Tubecord D-2355

Part Number TUBD60

Tubecord E-2460 Tubecord E-2460

Part Number TUBE60

Vertiwear 600 Vertiwear 600

Part Number S607112-029

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