Flux-cored Wire

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Austfil 70C-6M Austfil 70C-6M

Part Number 70C6M12S

 Austfil 71T Austfil 71T

Part Number 71T112S

Austfil 71T-1M Austfil 71T-1M

Part Number 71T1M12S

 Fabshield 4 Fabshield 4

Part Number S224529-014

 Fabshield 21B Fabshield 21B

Part Number S222108-022

 Fabshield 23 Fabshield 23

Part Number S222306-022

Fabshield 81N1 Fabshield 81N1

Part Number S228125-P01

Fabshield XLR-8 Fabshield XLR-8

Part Number S225719-053

Metalloy Vantage Ni1 H4 Metalloy Vantage Ni1 H4

Part Number S279512-K27

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