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Lincoln Electric Cruiser Tractors

Part Number K3048-1
Brand: Lincon
Product Documents
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1. Improved Rigidity and Stiffness

  •   Base is fabricated from a single weldment.
  • Designed to carry weight and maintain a steady track.

2. Heavy Duty Cross Slides

  • Ceramic coated rails resist corrosion and wear.
  • Minimal deflection results in accurate electrode placement in the joint.

3. New Rugged Wheels

  • High temperature rubber wheels on cast aluminum core wheels â�� Rated to 500º F (260º C) continuous service.

4. Modified Mast and Boom Clamping System

  • Grade 8 bolts resist stripping.
  • Improved wrench clearance.

5. Proven Industrial Wire Drive

  • Feeds up to 7/32 in. (5.6 mm) diameter wire.
  • Change gear ratios to extend wire feed speed range.
  • Rotate in two directions to set up virtually any torch angle.
  • Rated for handling wire at up to 1000 amps at 100% duty cycle.

6. Cable Rack

  • Extended rear rack provides positive strain relief for feeder cables.

7. Laser Pointer and Improved Steering

  • Switch on and off to help locate joint during set up.
  • Extended outriggers with additional adjustment and guide wheel provide smooth tracking in wider range of applications.