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Wear Facing

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2B Eutectrode 2B Eutectrode


5003 5003

Part Number 5003

6800 Eutectrode 6800 Eutectrode

Part Number 6800 EUTECTRODE

6899 XHD 6899 XHD

Part Number 6899XHD

700 Abratec 700 Abratec

Part Number 700 ABRATEC

EnDOtec DO-04 EnDOtec DO-04

Part Number EnDOtec DO-04

EnDOtec DO-05 EnDOtec DO-05

Part Number EnDOtec DO-05

EnDOtec DO-11  EnDOtec DO-11

Part Number EnDOtec DO-11

EnDOtec DO-14  EnDOtec DO-14

Part Number EnDOtec DO-14

EnDOtec DO-15  EnDOtec DO-15

Part Number EnDOtec DO-15

EnDOtec DO-30  EnDOtec DO-30

Part Number EnDOtec DO-30

EnDOtec DO-48  EnDOtec DO-48

Part Number EnDOtec DO-48

EnDOtec DO-60 EnDOtec DO-60

Part Number EnDOtec DO-60

EnDOtec DO-80  EnDOtec DO-80

Part Number EnDOtec DO-80

N112 Ultimium N112 Ultimium

Part Number N112

N9010 Castodur N9010 Castodur

Part Number N9010

N9060 Eutecdur N9060 Eutecdur

Part Number N9060

N9080 Eutecdur N9080 Eutecdur

Part Number N9080

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